Funk Cider


Funk Cider is a boutique, natural cidery boasting 12 super-cold taps of weekly-rotating, fresh ciders! It was created in 2016 by Dustin and Martin Michael, as a creative alcoholic offshoot from the Michael Brothers Traditionally Pressed Juice Company.

All of the ciders are unpasteurised (raw) and do not contain any sulphites or preservatives. This makes it one of only less than a handful in the world with the same natural cider-making principles.

With a funky, mouth-watering selection of ciders ranging from real fruit infused ciders (passionfruit, mango, coconut), to wild ferments (The James Brown – which also contains 5 varieties of apples), to barrel-aged ciders (The Sex Machine – a barrel aged pink lady cider, aged in French oak vanilla), you're guaranteed to find one you’ll fall in love with.

The latest “Hot Lust” chilli cider is guaranteed to knock your socks off with plenty of heat, but cool you down quickly before you get too frisky…or there's the Wild Ferment Sundowner which has been aged for 12 months! It’s 6.8% and unbelievably smooth.

So make Funk Cider your destination with our epic cider, awesome atmosphere, clean-eating delicious food, all while relaxing on our luscious, shady, green lawn and listening to good tunes. Family friendly, open 7 days.