Finn Diesel Brew Pub release

Published on 13 June 2017

Vinn Diesel graphic

A new drop from Feral Brewing Co, Finn Diesel - a 6.6% abv Indian Pale Ale, joined the company's limited Brewpub Series bottle release earlier this month.

The Brewpub Series brings the crew's favourite small batch release beers out of the Swan Valley and into hands all across Australia.

A front and centre stage for the new-to-market hop product Lupulin Powder, Finn Diesel uses both Simcoe and Citra extracts throughout multiple stages of the brewing process to showcase the vast potential of the newly released substance in a large-scale brew.

Introduced to market last year, Lupulin Powder is a purified concentration of the resin compounds and aromatic oils extracted from whole hop flowers and is found to provide intense flavours and aromatics without the astringency and vegetative qualities of the remaining cone material.

Excessive late kettle hopping fuels Finn Diesel with assertive bitterness and a liberal dry hop delivers vibrant pine, citrus and floral perfume. Finn Diesel is a death trap from another time, passed over the pits, free to once again cruise the mean suburban streets.